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Mehdi Salimi Effects Functional Training on Dynamic Postural Control, Balance and Functional Performance of Lower Limb in Subjects With Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain


PhD Candidates

Abbreviations are given at the end of this page.

Researcher Title Proposal Date
Major Level My Role University
Mohammad Javad Moghadam Assessment and comparison of movement coordination pattern of spine and pelvis in adolescents with 40 to 60 degrees idiopathic scoliosis curves after surgery or brace treatment Sept. 2023 OP PhD Supervisor IUMS
Mahtab Bagheri Analysis of lower limb joints coordination, gait kinematics and Shank-to-Vertical angle in stroke individuals following various Ankle Foot Orthosis heel heights July 2023 OP PhD Supervisor IUMS
Madineh Hasani Planning and adaptation of task oriented intervention using virtual reality and comparison of its effectiveness with traditional occupational therapy on participation and activity performance in patients with cerebral palsy Jan. 2023 OT PhD Adviser IUMS
Narjes Soltani Weighting and reweighting of visual input in a postural task in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed subjects via virtual reality environment Feb. 2021 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
Habib Ejraee Quantitative analysis and description of dimensional features and 3D patterns of Trans-tibial prosthesis to provide modern socket design criteria Jan. 2021 OP PhD Co-supervisor IUMS
Mitra Parsa Effect of stability exercises in frontal plane in comparison with conventional based on stability and fall history in stroke patients PT PhD Adviser USWR

Alumni (Former Students)

No. Researcher Title Defense Date Major Level My Role University
62 Kasra Kazemi Intralimb Coordination Pattern of the lower extremity and Ground Reaction Force  in Men Athletes with Allograft and Autograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction during Landing Feb. 2024 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
61 Omid Mohammadi Quanititative comparision of  oral motor function in healthy subjects and people with spastic dysarthria and it’s relation to speech Rate Dec. 2023 ST PhD Co-supervisor IUMS
60 Faranak Poorhosseini The effect of action-sentence compatibility practice on postural control under perturbation conditions Nov. 2023 SP PhD Co-supervisor SBU
59 Zahra Jiryaei Comparison of the effect of one-month daily use of hinged AFOs with and without vibration on gait and function in children with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy July 2023 OP PhD Adviser IUMS
58 Najmeh Parhiz The effect of mental and muscle fatigue on accuracy and movement variability of dart throw skill Feb. 2023 SP PhD Co-supervisor SBU
57 Mobina Khosravi Quantification of the effective pressure applied by brace in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis based on dose-response relationship and comparison of the effectiveness of brace adjustment with this method and conventional method on clinical parameters Dec. 2022 OP PhD Adviser IUMS
56 Alireza Jamali Effect of occupation performance coaching for families of children with autism spectrum disorder using telerehabilitation Feb. 2022 OT PhD Co-supervisor IUMS
55 Tahere Hoseinpoor Evaluating the diagnostic accuracy of lumbar clinical instability tests and assessing the relationship between lumbar muscles morphology and pain intensity and disability in patients with lumbar segmental instability Feb. 2022 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
54 Zahra Nemati The effect of hybrid knee brace on coping ability and neuromuscular
parameters after acute anterior cruciate ligament tear.
Oct. 2021 OP PhD Adviser IUMS
53 Rezvan Azimi The effect of secondary task on the variability of posture: A UCM approach. Sep. 2021 SP PhD Co-supervisor SBU
52 Maede Farzadi The effect of structural factors and orthotic therapy of hallux valgus on complexity of ground reaction force using non-linear analysis. Aug. 2020 TO PhD Supervisor IUMS
51 Maryam Golmohammadi The effect of ankle nonelastic taping on leg stiffness in amateur healthy basketball players during jump shot Feb. 2020 SPT MSc Supervisor IUMS
50 Vahideh Moradi Gait pattern and dynamic stability of transfemoral amputee using asymmetric prosthesis: A nonlinear dynamics approach Oct. 2019 TO PhD Supervisor IUMS
49 Nader Esmaili Prediction of fall in elderly people using biomechanical variables during walking Sep. 2019 SP MSc Adviser UT
48 Habibollah Khatatnejad Comparison of Lower-Limb Coordination Variability Between Junior and Senior Elite Fencers During Lunge Attack Sep. 2019 SP MSc Adviser UT
47 Narges Charkhian The effect of arousal level on hand joint variability in novice, semiskilled, and skilled pistol shooters: the uncontrolled manifold hypothesis (UCM). Jan. 2019 SP PhD Adviser SBU
46 Ghazal Kharaji Study of proprioception of pelvic floor muscles in women with stress urinary incontinence compared with continent women. Sep. 2018 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
45 Elham Esfandiari Gait Initiation in Patients with Mild Osteoarthritis of Tibiofemoral Joint and The Effect of Lateral Wedge Insole. Sep. 2018 TO PhD Supervisor IUMS
44 Mohammad Reza Pourahmadi Effect of core stability and general trunk exercises on the kinematics and joint coordination of the lumbar spine and dominant hip during sit-to-stand and vice versa in patients with chronic non-spesific low back pain. Mar. 2018 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
43 Fariba Barani Investigating Multi-joint Synergy in Basketball Shooting Skill Based on Physical and Biological Approaches using UCM hypothesis. Jan. 2018 SP PhD Adviser UT
42 Sahar Boozari Comparison of Gastrocnemius Kinesio taping on Viscoelastic Characteristics and Performance of Musculoskeletal System during Vertical Jump Before and After Fatigue in Healthy Subjects Using Mass-Spring-Damper Model. (Abstract) Aug. 2017 PT PhD Supervisor IUMS
41 Maryam Hekmatfard Effect of Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis (LSO) on the gait dynamics in non-specific recurrent low back pain patients (NSLBP) using DFA method. (Abstract) April 2017 TO PhD Supervisor IUMS
40 Taher Babaee Measurement of Milwaukee brace pads pressure immediately after adjustment for standardization and determination of its relation to curve correction. Feb. 2017 TO PhD Adviser IUMS
39 Mahshid Chehrehrazi Goal equivalent manifold (GEM) hypothesis of motor performance in NSLBP and healthy subjects during trunk bending: effect of load, speed, and symmetry. Dec. 2016 PT PhD Supervisor TUMS
38 Esmaeel Saemi The effect of differential attentional strategies and skill level on performance and movement coordination variability: The role of visual information. Sep. 2016 SP PhD Adviser SBU
37 Ali Karami Calculation of Biodex Balance indices using a modified wobble board. Sep. 2015 Mech. Eng. MSc Co-supervisor SUT
36 Hesam Ramezanzade The effects of audiovisual integration on perception, reproduction and learning basketball jump shoot. June 2015 SP PhD Adviser SBU
35 Soheila Fallah Comparative study of the effect of enhanced somatosensory information with usage of textured insole on postural control in quiet standing in chronic stroke subjects and healthy people. Mar. 2015 OT MSc Adviser IUMS
34 Yashar Kocheily The effects of modified perturbation training on lower limb muscular activity during drop landing after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). Mar. 2015 PT MSc Adviser TUMS
33 Arezoo Seddigh The effects of modified perturbation training on cross-over hop test score and core muscle timing in patients after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). Feb. 2015 PT MSc Co-supervisor TUMS
32 Paria Jamshidian The effects of modified perturbation training on cross-over hop test score and lower extremity muscle timing in patients after ACLR Jan. 2015 PT MSc Adviser TUMS
31 Farzaneh Haghighat Hand fatigue analysis using quantitative assessment of drawing patterns. Mar. 2014 SPT MSc Supervisor IUMS
30 Erfan Karami Comparison of acceleration frequencies in single sprint kayak in skilled, semi-skilled, and beginner men kayakers. Feb. 2014 Sports MSc Adviser AU
29 Morteza Asgari The effect of speed on kinematic variability and dynamic stability of trunk in subjects with and without nonspecific low back pain during a sagittal repetitive flexion/extension movement. Feb. 2014 Mech. Eng. MSc Adviser SUT
28 Zeinab Rasouli Kahaki Effect of flooring and footrest on muscle fatigue and discomfort in prolonged standing. Feb. 2014 ERGO MSc Adviser SBU
27 Narges Mortazavi Comparison of effect of two carpet weaving postures on subjective and objective measurements of muscle fatigue, muscle electrical activity and discomfort in the shoulder and neck muscles. Aug. 2013 ERGO MSc Adviser Orumiyeh
26 Sara Moradi The effect of perturbation training on postural control after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). Jan. 2013 SPT MSc Co-supervisor TUMS
25 Gholamhossein Nassadj Isokinetic knee moment comparison in closed versus open kinematic chain following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLR). 2012 PT PhD Co-supervisor TUMS
24 Gelareh Radmehr Activation pattern of selected trunk muscles during over ground and treadmill walking. 2012 SP-MED MD Adviser TUMS
23 Hamed Esmaeili Longitudinal effects of foot orthotics on changes in muscular activity pattern in patients with pes planus during walking. Sept. 2012 Sports MSc Adviser BASU Hamedan
22 Mehdi Rafei Borojani Effect of movement direction variation in relation to gravity on generalized motor program (GMP) recruitment in fast single joint elbow movement. Feb. 2012 Sports PhD Adviser SBU
21 Milad Pirali Antagonist muscle co-activation during knee extension in ACL reconstruction athletes. Fall 2011 Sports MSc Adviser AU
20 Seyed Hamed Fazeli Effect of ankle taping on center of pressure changes during dynamic balance performance in chronic ankle instability. Sept. 2011 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
19 Solmaz Salehi Effect of stability and stretching-strengthening exercises on balance of individuals with forwarded head posture. Aug. 2011 PT MSc Adviser Semnan
18 Sahar Boozari Effect of functional fatigue on vertical ground reaction force among individuals with flat feet. Aug. 2010 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
17 Narges Feizabadi Effect of perturbation training on GRF in ACLD patient during stair ascending and descending. Fall 2010 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
16 Fatemeh Khanmohammad The effect of a new insole on ground reaction force and center of pressure in subjects with flexible flat foot and comparison with common insoles May 2010 TO MSc Adviser IUMS
15 Masoomeh Bagherzadeh Effect of high-top shoe with rocker sole on pain, disability, activation limitation and vertical ground reaction force in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Feb. 2010 TO MSc Adviser IUMS
14 Peyman Motealleh Comparative evaluation of the core and extensor mechanism muscle activation patterns between subjects with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome while ascending and descending stairs. 2010 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
13 Leila Abbasi Effect of perturbation training on gait kinematics of ACL deficient patients. Oct. 2009 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
12 Omid Haddad The effect of augmenting Dentist’s chair with trunk and arm supports on Trapezius EMG Activity. 2009 Biomech. MSc Adviser SUT
11 Loghman Mohammadi Comparison of stiffness of rectus femoris and hamstring muscles in healthy and NSLBP patients. 2008 PT MSc Adviser USWR
10 Arezoo Eshraghi Effect of Milwaukee brace wear on static and dynamic balance parameters in female hyperkyphotic adolescents. Sept. 2008 TO MSc Adviser IUMS
9 Marjaneh Sohrab Evaluation of the immediate effect of two types of ankle foot orthoses on proneus longus muscle onset and latency in response to sudden ankle perturbation in athletes with fictional ankle instability. Jul. 2008 TO MSc Adviser IUMS
8 Hossein Asghar Hosseini Effect of improving symmetry of weight bearing on postural stability and visual dependency in hemiparesis after stroke. Jul. 2008 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
7 Kamyar Ghoseiri Effect of vibrational orthotics on stability and walking speed of PD patients. Mar. 2008 TO MSc Adviser IUMS
6 Hamed Pardehshenas Activation pattern of lumbo-pelvic muscles in different loading conditions. Feb. 2008 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
5 Mohammad Taghipour Clinical validation of radiographic kinematic characteristics of lumbar spine instability. May 2007 PT PhD Adviser IUMS
4 Morteza Mohammadi Designing and fabricating of a stance control offset knee joint and evaluation of its effect on gait of a patient with unilateral lower limb paralysis. Sept. 2006 TO MSc Adviser IUMS
3 Majid Shahbazi Effect of lumbopelvic corsets and taping on postural control of patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain. Aug. 2006 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
2 Behdad Tahayori An Investigation to determine the effects of some sensory motor intervention on selected kinematic variables during treadmill walking. Mar. 2006 PT MSc Adviser IUMS
1 Meria Yazdani Effect of insole materials on GRF pattern of subjects with structural leg length discrepancy. Mar. 2005 TO MSc Adviser IUMS


Major Abbreviations:
Biomech: Biomechanics (Biomedical Engineering)
ERGO: Ergonomics
Mech. Eng.: Mechanical Engineering
OT: Occupational Therapy
PT: Physiotherapy
SP: Sports Sciences
SPT: Sports Physiotherapy
SP-MED: Sports Medicine
TO: Technical Orthopedic, or OP: Orthotics and Prosthetics
OP: Orthotics and Prosthetics
ST: Speech Therapy

University Abbreviations:
AUT: Amirkabir University of Technology
AU: Azad University
BASU: Bu-Ali Sina University
IUMS: Iran University of Medical Sciences
SBU: Shahid Beheshti University
SUT: Sharif University of Technology
TUMS: Tehran University of Medical Sciences
USWR: University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation
UT: University of Tehran