Funded Projects

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RRC Funded Projects

Current Projects

  1. Analysis of lower limb joints coordination and gait kinematics in stroke subjects, August 2022.
  2. Relationship between lumbar extensor muscles and sacropelvic parameters in chronic low back pain patients with lumbar
    segmental instability, July 2022.

Past Projects

  1. Comparison of Gastrocnemius Kinesio taping on Viscoelastic Characteristics and Performance of Musculoskeletal System during Vertical Jump Before and After Fatigue in Healthy Subjects Using Mass-Spring-Damper Model. 2016
  2. Implementation of Brunnstrom test for upper extremities in post stroke patients using the Microsoft Kinect sensor along with clinical validation, Started Oct. 2014.
  3. Clinical Gait Analysis Lab. Started Aug. 2015.
  4. Effect of Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis on the gait dynamics in non-specific recurrent low back pain patients using DFA method. 2015~2017.
  5. Effect of fatigue on sport functional ability among adults aged 18 to 35. Started May 2014, Finished Aug. 2015.
  6. Design and fabrication of force plate calibration device and assessment of its reliability. Started Feb 2012, Finished Aug. 2015.
  7. Effect of functional fatigue on center of pressure variables among individuals with flat feet. Started June 2013, Finished Feb 2015.
  8. Test-retest reliability of center of pressure measures of dynamic tasks in postural stability of healthy and low back pain subjects. Started Jan 2013, Finished Jan 2015.
  9. Design and fabrication of a device for measurement of balance disorders. Started Dec 2012, Finished Dec 2014.
  10. Determining distinctive threshold and duration of muscle activation in rapid elbow movements in various directions considering gravitational effect using surface EMG, Started Jul 2012, Finished  Apr 2013.
  11. Design and fabrication of a lower limb torque measurement device and assessment of its reliability. Started Nov 2011, Finished Dec 2012.
  12. Evaluation of effectiveness of a quantitative measurement method of hand drawings in assessment of improvement trend. Started May 2010, Finished Apr 2011.
  13. Effect of rehabilitation exercises on correlation of temporal gait patterns of ACL deficient patients. Started March 2010, Finished Apr 2011.
  14. Local Dynamic Stability of ACLD Gait and Effect of Perturbation Training. Started Aug. 2008, finished Feb 2010.
  15. Quantitative analysis of elbow range of motion variability due to muscular fatigue. Started Oct. 2008, finished Feb 2010.

Other Miscellaneous Past Projects

  1. Effect of therapy on quantitative measures of writing skills in PD patients, 2008.
  2. Measuring center of mass from force-plate data using double-integral method. PhD research of H.A. Hosseini, Oct 2006.
  3. Design and supervision of precise setup for perturbation analysis of anterior tibial translation in ACL defecient and healthy subjects using accelerometer and EMG recordings. PhD research of Basir Majdoleslam, 2006.
  4. Design of a new setup for whiplash study using accelerometer and EMG recordings. PhD research of Zahra Rojhani, 2006.
  5. Design and development of Radiographic Analyzer for Spine (RAS/CARA). A powerful software suite for analysis of spine radiographs and quantification of instability factor (IF) and center of rotation (ICR). PhD research of M. Taghipour, 2006.
  6. Muscle activation pattern of lower extremity muscles in non-specific chronic low back pain and normal subjects, IUMS, Fall 2005.
  7. Design and fabrication of a computer-based electrogoniometer,  Jondishapour University, Fall 2005.
  8. Color-Matching assessment of stroke patients, PhD setup of Dr. I. Abdollahi at USWR, Spring 2005.
  9. BioSensor: an integrated software for posturograpgy using electrolyte tilt sensors. PhD setup of Dr. S. Kahrizi at TMU, 2002.
  10. EMG/Isokinetic Data Analyzier (EIDA) 2004, PhD setup of Dr. A.A. Jamshidi at TUMS.
  11. Design and fabrication of a synchronous EMG/Myo-meter data logger (MyoLog1), PhD setup of Dr. N. Maroufi at IUMS/USWR, 2005.
  12. Design and fabrication of Ankle Perturbation System (APS). PhD setup of Dr. B. Akhbari at IUMS/USWR, 2005.
  13. Design and fabrication of an exo-skeletal assistive device (EAD) at SUT, using SEA concept, 2003-2004.