Biomechanics Lab

With a grant from Dr. Ebrahimi and IUMS, I started to design the lab on Feb. 2005 according to gait and biomechanics lab construction standards to meet the requirements of our equipments (e.g. gait analysis system) and research needs. Some of the lab features are: standard earth connection according to DIN, acoustic ceiling, internal phone/LAN wiring, wireless LAN, 3-phase power distribution via three 8 kW auto voltage regulators (Faratel, Co., Ltd., Iran).

The lab has 8 rooms: 1- Conference room, 2- Office (my room), 3- Applied Research (custom-made research setups including APS and whiplash setup), 4- Locker and Storage room, 5- Balance (Biodex Balance System), 6- Iskokinetic System (Biodex Multi-Joint SYSTEM 3 Pro), 7- Gait Analysis (kinesiological surface EMG, 8-camera motion capture system (MA), MIE Co., and Biometrics Goniometer/EMG system ), 8- Electrophysiology (Dantec needle EMG, Brain Quick Brain Mapping, Evoked Potential).

Feb 2008, the lab became a part of Rehabilitation Research Center (RRC) at IUMS.

Our goal is to do applied researches in the field of biomechanics and rehabilitation sciences to find scientific answers to clinical problems according to the needs of our society.