Guest Scientists

Sahar Boozari, PhD.
August 2017 ~ 2019
Activities: Leg Stiffness, Kinesiotaping, Clinical Gait Analysis.
Contact: saharboozari at gmail .com
Sina Mehdizadeh, PhD.
July 2015 ~ Oct. 2016
Activities: Nonlinear programming, Teaching, Mentoring Students, Gait analysis.
Contact: smehdizadeh1363 at gmail .com, ResearchGate.
 Dr. Mehdizadeh
Erfan Karami, M.Sc.
Feb. 2014 ~ April 2016
Activities: Research on Kayak accelerations, miscellaneous lectures, python programming, English writing.
Contact: ekarami at gmail .com
 Erfan Karami
Azadeh Kian, M.Sc.
Jan. 2014 ~ May 2014
Activities: Numerical Analysis of Ground Reaction Forces and Programming.
Contact: azadeh.kian at gmail .com
Azadeh Kian